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3 Benefits of Liberty Safe Steel Composite Doors

A welder welding a safe door

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. The same goes for a strong and secure gun safe. What good is a strong, thick steel body if the safe’s door is flimsy or poorly built? Not good at all.

That is why Liberty Safe goes the extra mile by installing steel composite doors on our safes. Consider these three benefits that our safes’ composite doors provide and add to our already superior gun safes.

Benefit #1 – Composite Doors Provide Increased Security and Fire Protection

Liberty’s steel composite doors are designed to provide more fire protection [link “Fire Protection Through Smart Design”]and security than the doors on other gun safes out on the market. Instead of one layer of steel, you get multiple layers, along with multiple layers of fireboard.

Benefit #2 – Thicker Edges on a Composite Door Are Harder to Pry

A burglar is in for a big surprise if he tries to pry open your gun safe if it has composite door. A steel door that has a 1 or 1½-inch edge is going to be very difficult, if not almost impossible to get a good grab with a pry bar.

Benefit #3 – Composite Doors Provide Better Fire Protection than Steel Plate Doors

A single plate steel door without insulation does not provide much fire or heat protection for your guns, valuables and important documents. Liberty’s composite doors provide multiple layers of fireboard that insulates the interior of the safe from fire and heat.

Superior Design and Engineering

Liberty’s composite door features a one-piece design to make it stronger than the average door. And we build them from scratch in our steel shop. Our doors our laser and punch cut from just one sheet of thick, heavy-duty steel. The steel is then precision-folded by a computerized robotic folding arm. This impressive piece of equipment can fold a door every four minutes. Depending on the safe model that door is being made for, the sheet of steel will be folded into either a 1-inch or 1-1/2-inch thick door.

After going through the folding process, the steel now has pockets where fireboard will be installed between the outer and inside shells. The number of layers installed will depend on the model safe being built. For instance, our Presidential gun safe features 4 layers of fireboard protection in the door while our Colonial gun safe has 3 layers.

After the fireboard has been installed, it is then sealed with yet another layer of steel that is precision welded to the door frame. The door’s bottom is capped and welded with more steel to make one of the strongest and most rigid doors in the industry.