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Liberty Safe's Lifetime Warranty

Who's got the industry's best gun or home safe warranty? Liberty Safe is proud to have earned that title. In the video below, Liberty Safe breaks down exactly what you can expect from their warranty.



Each of Liberty's safes comes with a 5-year warranty on the lock. They also have a couple of very affordable extended warranty options on their locks if you'd like to be covered for 15 years or for life.

If you have purchased your safe within the last 12 months, and the safe is not more than 24 months past the manufacture date, you can extend your lock warranty. You have two options. You can purchase an additional 10 years for just $69, or get a lifetime warranty for $129.


Liberty's safe bodies come with a transferable lifetime warranty. What does transferable mean? It means that if you sell your safe (so that you can upgrade to a bigger Liberty, of course!), or if you hand it down to your grandkids someday, it's still covered by the original warranty.

Liberty Safe's warranty protects you in the event of a fire or attempted break in. If that happens, here's what the safe warranty includes:


  • Repairs for your damaged safe
  • Replacing your safe if it's too damaged to be repaired
  • Shipping costs to send your new safe out
  • Installation costs (yes, Liberty will even install the new safe for you)
  • If your safe was damaged enough to be put into lockout mode, Liberty pays a professional to come open it up for you
  • Removal of your old safe (you read that right - Liberty will even remove the damaged safe so you don't have to deal with it)


Most safe companies offer some kind of warranty, but you need to read the fine print. As far as we're aware, Liberty is the only safe company who will not only pay to repair or replace your damaged safe in the event of a fire or attempted break-in, but will also pay to have your new safe shipped and installed. Liberty will also pay to have your old safe removed from your home.

Some safe companies will remove the damaged safe, but they expect you to box it up and have it waiting for them on your curb. Liberty didn't think you would really want to deal with that and that's why they take care of everything for you.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know about what makes Liberty Safe's warranty the best in the business.


Liberty's Warranty

We back up every home and gun safe we sell!

  • If your Liberty Safe is unfortunate enough to experience a fire or a damaged safe from an attempted break-in, Liberty will provide you with a new Liberty safe delivered right to your home. No delivery charges, no hidden expenses, and a new safe to show for it. That's our guarantee. That's Liberty.
  • You can now register your safe online, it's quick and easy. After you purchase your safe go to to www.libertysafe.com, click on the tools tab at the top of the home page and you'll see the warranty registration link. You will need your serial number to register your warranty.

*Delivery and in home service for replacement safe is included in the Lifetime Warranty on all safes built after January 1, 2006. If your safe was built before January 1, 2006, please refer to your safe warranty coverage for complete details.

Click HERE to see Liberty Safe Lifetime Warranty details

Here are additional guidelines regarding Liberty's warranty:

1. Lifetime Warranty: If your Liberty Safe ever goes through a fire or attempted break-in, Liberty will repair or replace your safe for as long as you own it. If there are issues with the door mechanism Liberty will repair or replace your safe and/or any parts needed, including the labor to fix it. This includes the handle, locking bolts, and internal workings of the door. It does not include the lock.

2.5-years parts and labor on SecuRam and S&G UL listed locks (Mechanical or Electronic) and paint defects from original purchase date.

3. 2-years parts only on interior shelving (gun rack, center divider, side shelves, and rails) from original purchase date.

4. 1-year parts only on accessories (lights, dehumidifiers, etc.) from original purchase date.

*Liberty's Lifetime Warranty is transferrable to a new owner. Once the warranty time periods for items 2-4 expire, the warranties of those specific items are not re-issued during the transfer.


Warranty Details

Liberty Safe's LIFETIME WARRANTY includes no out of pocket expenses for the owner of a UL rated safe* from Liberty. If you ever experience a fire or attempted break-in on your UL rated safe, you will receive:


  1. Free parts and labor, including in-home service to open the safe door, remove contents and have the damaged safe returned.
  2. Free delivery and installation of the new replacement safe, including the option to upgrade to a better model.
  3. Free transferable lifetime warranty to new owner in the event the safe is sold.


    • To be eligible for a lifetime warranty on your product, you must complete the warranty information and submit it to Liberty Safe.
    • For all finer points, review the warranty details link below or user manual located inside the STOP envelope. The stop envelope can be found on new safes hanging from the handle hub on the front of the safe.

Click here to see Liberty Safe's Lifetime Warranty details.


Other Warranty Benefits

While other safe companies only have a 1-year parts only warranty, Liberty goes further on all their UL rated safes with these extras:

  • A 5-year, parts and labor warranty on the locks for all UL listed safes. Most other safe brands carry only a 1-year, parts only warranty.
  • A 5-year, parts and labor warranty on the exterior paint.

Remember, a safes warranty is only as good as the company standing behind it. At Liberty, we believe "that if you buy a great product we should be able to back it up."